Celebrity Shocked by Malaysia’s littering culture

Taiwanese internet celebrity Ira, who recently moved to Ipoh, Perak was shocked when she witnessed a woman littering from her car. 

She described it as the most outrageous behaviour she had encountered since arriving in Malaysia.

On May 8th, Ira posted a 9-minute and 30-second video filmed at an unnamed cafe in Ipoh. As she ordered and ate, she talked about food and other topics she shared shared her experience witnessing Malaysians littering.

She explained that she had previously addressed the littering issue in Malaysia and clarified that her move to Ipoh was not due to praising Taiwan’s cleanliness but because she genuinely liked Ipoh.

Recalling the incident on May 7, while driving her daughter home from school, she observed a car ahead of her with the window down, tossing out trash and tissue paper. This left her surprised, questioning how, in modern times, people could still litter their cars.

She then drove closer to the car and saw through the rearview mirror that it was actually a Chinese lady.

“One should conduct oneself with dignity and not bring shame to the Chinese community. 

“At the same time, regardless of ethnicity, no one should litter. Foreigners should also contribute to preserving this land together,” she said.

She mentioned that she often witnessed motorcyclists collecting garbage, but even with ten cleaners, they couldn’t compensate for litterbugs like the lady, whose lack of character stands out.

A netizen shared a similar experience she encountered.

“Decades ago, Ipoh was one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia! Nowadays, Ipoh is one of the dirtiest cities in Malaysia! 

“Especially in front of restaurants, where parked vehicles litter the streets with used tissues, masks, cigarette boxes/cigarette butts, plastic bags/straws, snack wrappers, one or two newspapers, food receipts, or receipts from Speed 99. 

“Some people even fold their masks into small pieces and throw them on the road, while others toss garbage into the drains! 

“Oh, my goodness! It’s really frustrating dealing with these litterbugs! Every afternoon, I use gloves and plastic bags to pick up the trash one by one, fill bag after bag, and then take them to the big trash bins to dispose of them! 

“Why do people in Ipoh have such bad habits? Don’t they like to see clean streets? 

“As an Ipoh native, I feel ashamed! If there are no trash bins outside, people should put the garbage in their cars and dispose of it at home!” said a YouTube user named katherinelo9657.

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