MIPP top gun schools Chinese Muslim convert preacher

Malaysian Indian People Party (MIPP) top gun S Subramaniam has a piece of advice for the Chinese Muslim convert preacher Firdaus Wong Wai Hung and those who are bent on converting minors.

“There is freedom of conversion in Malaysia. Feel free to preach and convert adults, not minors.

“Don’t convert school going children,” the MIPP deputy president told Harapan Daily.

Yesterday Global Human Rights Federation president S Shashi Kumar took Wong to task after a video featuring Wong went viral on TikTok.

In the video, Wong suggested that minors can be converted but it must not be publicised.

The preacher who is also a school teacher added that the minor converts can then perform Muslim prayers under the blanket.

Shashi also took Penang Mufti Datuk Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor to task for jumping into the bandwagon in support of Wong.

With regards to the opinion of the mufti, Subramaniam echoed Shashi’s point that there was no legal provision to do conversion since conversion to the Muslim faith is one way street in Malaysia.

“Where does it say so in the law? Is he trying to say that those who convert are free to return to their initial faith?”